I am currently searching for employment. If you have need of a lead software engineer or technical lead in Chicago, please check out my resume. I'd love to hear from you.

References and letters of recommendation available upon request.


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Chicago, IL 60605

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Scott Janssens

Lead Software Engineer

Scott is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer with over 20 years of experience. He has worked on all levels of multi-tier applications, with an emphasis on client implementations. Scott has led several teams while successfully delivering projects. He has wide domain knowledge having worked in diverse industries including: finance, healthcare, legal, insurance, and games.

Technical Skills

Languages:           C#, JavaScript, VB.Net, SQL, C/C++, Java

Technologies:     .NET 4.5, UWP, Backbone, Marionette, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, WCF

RDBMS:                 SQL Server, Oracle

Summary of Experience

March 2014 – November 2016 Thomson Reuters Elite Chicago, IL

Lead Software Engineer

§ Led development of Outlook 365 Add-In, using EWS and proprietary services to provide CRM features.

§ Optimized and refactored legacy CRM Suite.

§ Created mobile client for CRM Suite utilizing proprietary framework for iOS devices.

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, Marionette.JS, Babel, TFS, SQL Server

2012 – 2014 Magenic Lombard, IL

Senior Consultant

Opus Capital Markets 2013 – 2014

§ Implemented time-critical federal reporting requirements in mortgage auditing application.

§ Mentored junior developers, teaching IOC pattern and debugging techniques

Technologies: C#, WebForms, Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server

Abbott Laboratories 2013

§ Added new search features to custom legacy CMS solution.

§ Updated CMS solution to new versions of CSLA and updated data access with LINQ.

Technology: C#, Win Forms, CSLA, LINQ, Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server, Infragistics

CDP Enterprise Health Solutions 2012 – 2013

§ Sole developer on patient data portal with support for query, update, and reporting.

Technology: C#, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, TFS, Oracle

2008 – 2012 Infusion Development New York, NY

Senior Consultant

New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group 2011 – 2012

§ Led team of five developers in creating policy management application for customer service reps.

§ Designed architecture for all levels of the application.

Technologies: C#, Silverlight, RIA Services, MVVM Light, MEF, Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server

Citigroup Inc. 2009 – 2011

§ Created framework to isolate many financial plugins in individual processes within a single UI instance.

Technologies: C#, WPF, WCF, Visual Studio, TFS

M&T Bank 2009

§ Mentored two interns with creating public banking applications for Microsoft’s Surface table.

Technologies: C#, Microsoft Surface SDK, Visual Studio

Humana 2009

§ Led implementation of presentation layer for application used by traveling sales representatives.

§ Created data validation engine that allowed for instant remote updates of business rules.

Technologies: C#, WPF, Prism, WF, Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server

Jetsa I.S. Inc. 2009

§ Trained developers in .NET framework and created roadmap for converting existing products to .NET.

Technologies: VB.NET

Pfizer Inc. 2008 – 2009

§ Worked on front and middle tiers of application to consolidate all corporate approval systems.

Technologies: C#, Silverlight, WCF, Visual Studio, TFS

Microsoft Corporation 2008

§ Worked on several demonstration applications for Microsoft’s Surface table for Microsoft business intelligence conferences. (demonstration video)

Technologies: C#, Microsoft Surface SDK, Visual Studio, TFS

2006 – 2008 Magenic Chicago, IL

Senior Consultant

Stericycle 2008

§ Updated mobile application to comply with new UK radioactive transportation laws by implementing new UI, database schema, and stored procedures.

Technologies: C#, Compact Framework, Mobile SQL, XML, Visual Studio, TFS, SQL Server, CSLA

Lions Clubs International 2008

§ Audited e-commerce site and drafted recommendations on fixing issues and how to prevent them.

§ Repaired existing issues and created test environment.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Commerce Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Lawson, Oracle

Grant Thornton, LLP 2007 - 2008

§ Used AJAX to implement web UI providing rich user experience.

§ Implemented extensive business logic to comply with accounting laws of various countries.

§ Created automated data transformations using stored procedures and WCF to transmit auditing data in proprietary format.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, AJAX, WCF

PSAV 2007

§ Created financial forecast web application. Tasks included designing and coding the web UI to writing business objects and stored procedures.

§ Updated order tracking application with new features involving UI, data validation, business logic and database access.

§ Designed and implemented architecture for Pocket PC handheld inventory devices.

Technologies: VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Compact Framework, XML, Visual Studio

Stericycle 2006 - 2007

§ Designed and implemented mobile application that tracks medical waste transport and product inventory.  This included 40+ screens and business objects.

§ Designed and implemented customizable report generator using reflection and logical XML files.

Technologies: C#, Compact Framework, Mobile SQL, XML, Visual Studio

Canopy Financial 2006

§ Worked on web application for HSA account and fund management utilizing ASP.NET and AJAX.

Technologies: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio, .NET 2.0, AJAX

2004 – 2006 InStep Chicago, IL

Senior Software Engineer

§ Designed and developed several features for Cingular's customer support tool including network communications and cryptography.  Wrote update mechanism to maintain telecommunication network elements.  Also wrote client-side GUI using Java and Swing.

§ Implemented reporting client for a telecommunication network monitoring system.

§ Co-wrote GIS technology evaluation paper for US Army Corps of Engineers.

Technologies: C#, C++, Java, Windows Forms, Visual Studio 6.0/.NET/2005, Swing, Oracle

2000 – 2004 RealNetworks Seattle, WA

Senior Software Engineer

§ Developed core technologies that drive RealGuide, the RollingStone.com web site, and the Rhapsody music store.  These included dynamic web layouts, messaging system, and localization library.

§ Wrote cross-platform components for the RealOne Enterprise Player, RealPlayer for UNIX, and RealOne Player for Macintosh. These included the embedded web browser player, remote configuration, installer, full screen playback, and custom skinning.

Technologies: C++, Java, Visual Studio 6.0/.NET, Eclipse, J2EE

2000 SAFLINK Corporation Redmond, WA

Senior/Lead Software Engineer

§ Led the development efforts creating the Forget Your Password client and Internet server biometric verification system. This included architecting and implementing modules for biometric authentication, data encryption, key management, user account management, and localization.

Technologies: C++, Visual Studio, ODBC, SQL Server

1996 – 1999 FASA Interactive/Microsoft Chicago, IL/Redmond, WA

Software Design Engineer

§ Developed several modules for MechWarrior 4 game, including a priority based 3D sound renderer, physics-based thermodynamics simulations, and the mission editor.

§ Wrote network library, user interface engine, and the mission editor for MechCommander game.

Technologies: C++, x86 Assembly, Visual Studio 6.0                                                                                 

1995 – 1996 Applied Systems Matteson, IL

Software Engineer

§ Designed and implemented core libraries for all in-house software using Visual FoxPro 3.0.

§ Wrote Returned Merchandise Authorization system for tracking returned inventory.

Technologies: Visual FoxPro 3.0

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Governor's State University, 1995                    University Park, IL

MCPD Windows Developer 4 (MS Certification ID: 5500614)

MCTS Mobile Applications